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Here we go…

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Tomorrow this lot goes up in flames.  What fun to be a potter – creative use of the most destructive force.  We managed to prove just how destructive flame can be by actually breaking a kiln burner with a flame from a blow-torch while trying to burn out the soot from inside the copper pipe.   So we’re one burner short – but I’m just going to shove a gas torch through one of the bottom view ports.  Very dense pack now that it was completed today – going to be a long firing…

Almost completed right bank of kiln yesterday


Here are my two little rice bowls for the competition in Durbanville – a very pale blue celadon -

Rice bowls in blue cornish stone celadon


Photos of the firing tomorrow, and of the kiln opening – maybe by late afternoon Wednesday, otherwise Thursday morning….

I’ve been experimenting with some really large jars, and medium planters, in a pedestal format.  The footed pots are quite challenging in terms of getting the proportions right, especially as you have to throw the foot onto the pot while it is upside-down.  These are the first few – no doubt I will improve as time goes on…
And this is what the entrance to a potter’s house looks like – or this potter, anyway -
  Two tallish storage containers from the last firing in a shino glaze – I am obsessed with making lidded vessels, which is strange, because almost no-one in this country buys them – I think this is what is termed an “obsession”.
See what I mean?

Red vase day

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This is a red vase from the latest firing.  The copper red broke nicely over the incised decoration.  Now to see if I can do it again with the rest of the white pots.  Some of the glaze tests also held some promise – glazes are a small problem at the moment – I want to develop some that work well over buff stoneware.

Vase with copper red glaze and incised decoration