Do you know the feeling that you are doing something wrong but just can’t stop yourself?  With me this feeling is a close, almost intimate, friend.  I was throwing an order of small oven dishes, and, instead of waxing the bats, I used a wire to separate the pot from the bat.  Now we all know the wire curves up slightly on its way under the middle of the pot, but when combined with bats that dip down slightly you have  40 pots with bases slightly too thin and a potter on the edge of a destructive rage.  But, being a quick thinker in an emergency, I then converted them all into small mexican style cactus pots, an innovation which may be as startling as it is eye-catching.


The potter, exhausted by the last minute “save” on the mexican cactus pots, supervises the kiln from the couch in the exquisitely appointed pottery chill lounge…