Nico has shot off to Oudtschoorn craft market in a blizzard of swear words, cigarette smoke and flying newspaper.    Good luck to him.  I, on the other hand, now have the studio to myself, and can indulge in all sorts of unspeakable activities that would have normally sent him into a complete frenzy- such as putting a little calcined alumina into the wax to prevent lids sticking.

Here are the two large wine jars Nico finished before he left -

Two large wine jars thrown by Nico Liebenberg

Two large wine jars thrown by Nico Liebenberg

Here is the scene of the crime – the wax that now has some calcined alumina lurking stealthily at the bottom -


And some new pots I’m busy with – a bit fey for me – but I’ve been told to get in touch with my feminine side – so here goes -